The Holistic Esthi

A lot of you all have probably noticed the name change of my business. I have yet to really explain why I changed it or the meaning behind it.

So here it goes....

When I started my business I had no indications of opening a studio. The ability to travel to people's houses and be welcomed into their homes to do the thing I love facials was so rewarding for me. I loved bringing an in-home option during Covid. As the days went on I proceeded to get busier, which made my daily routine in the car at people's houses, giving facials, still loving it but I was missing ROOTS. I did not feel grounded in my daily routine. Increasingly, people were asking me to have a studio, somewhere they could come to me. I thought wow, now is a great time to transition. Being 3 months into mobile treatments with a pretty sturdy clientele.

By chance, I was referred to Free Flow Studio Moksha House and instantly felt drawn to space. I have always had the ability to feel energies, basically considered myself an empath. This studio space just felt right and I went for it. In June, I opened The Mobile Esthi Studio. The name origin being from my original business plan, now so much didn't make sense. I really started to look at myself to find out WHO I WAS, who am I as an esthetician? What makes me different? And BOOM! there it was. It hit me like a sack of bricks to the face. (OW that would hurt -- but don't worry it's metaphoric lol)

The esthetician I am is someone who cares. I am a researcher! I love to figure out the main causes of the situation, looking at everything as a whole. Researching your diet, environment, skincare products, mental health, hormones, and stress. Do you know the exact definition of Holistic? Holistic- characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

Wow! this is me I thought. I do this with every client. I customize everything to what they need, I use plant-based products, recommending diet changes, supplements referrals to doctors for blood work, ALL OF IT.

So there you have it, The Holistic Esthi was born. It wasn't until after this extension into my newborn spirituality and connection with my higher self. Thanks to Maddie @ Free Flow for introducing me to reiki. I was able to tap into that connection. I have been told before by clients that my hands or my touch felt a little Euphoric. I've received countless responses after facials saying they saw colors during the facial massage portion in my treatments. Until recently I didn't realize that those colors were in fact chakras yearning for guidance and help. And Maddie helped me to discover my gift. Leading me to another life update now.... * Cue the Music *

I am now a Reiki Practitioner. Reiki: is hands-on natural healing using the universal life force energy. The term comes from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning universal, and “ki,” which means vital life force energy that flows through all living things. Reiki, for me personally has opened up new doors. The spiritual connection I have to my higher self and with God (whom I believe in) is amazing. The practice itself is not tied to any specific religions or nationalities. I love helping people, and now I have the ability to help and service people in a spiritual way as well. To help calm the mind and deliver divine messages from above. I am so so so excited to dive into this new journey. So services are now available, with reiki we are not searching for anything to be wrong with someone, we are simply here to be still, release anything harboring us, and fill ourselves back up with love and light. We are here to connect with our higher selves, to become closer with ourselves, and to make the necessary steps to live happier, healthier, intune lives.

I'm offering an intro rate for Private Reiki. 30% off private services with the code " First30"

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