The Five Steps to Clearing "Butt Acne"...

We thought we only had to worry about acne when it comes to our faces, right? Boy were we wrong. Acne can plague various parts of the body. Most popularly seen on the face, chest, and back. But now we're finding more and more people who have issues with their butt, inside of the legs, and pubic area. So how can we prevent this, and what exactly is causing it? Turns out acne on your bum is really not acne at all. Just because you're predisposed to having acne on your face and body DOES NOT mean you're necessarily going to have acne on your bum. It can be a variety of different things, most commonly found is folliculitis.

What's folliculitis? Folliculitis is inflammation of the hair follicles. This can be caused from hot tubs, shaving, tight clothing, topical medications, weight gain, etc. This can be cleared up fairly quickly by proper hygeine and wearing loose clothing. When folliculitis is left untreated and the person does not follow the steps to prevent folliculitis from forming carbuncles. Carbuncles, are the reason why most people feel they have butt acne. Due to it being a cluster of boils, which are painful knots of pus under the skin, it feels similar to the way an acne cyst feels. It is really just an infection from the folliculitis getting out of control.

Eczema and Dermatitis (allergic reactions) are also issues that can be found on your bottom. These can be caused by moistened towelettes, harsh soaps, fragrant detergent. Psoriasis- a genetic condition can be found as well. In addition to your genes, some lifestyle factors can make your chances of Psoriasis higher ie: Smoking, Obesity, Medications, Infections, Alcohol, Vitamin D deficiency, and Stress. BUT Inverse Psoriasis, if you don't know can often be found in the crevices of our bodies and loves a warm, moist environment. It can actually flare up when left in those environments --ie: sweaty leggings after the gym. Psoriasis needs a dryer environment to heal quicker.

Keratosis Pilaris caused by a build up of the protein keratin which blocks the follicle opening. This is an extremely common skin condition found on various parts of the body. It can occur with other skin conditions and various other diseases. Some people also believe this can be linked to dietary allergies. The best way to treat this is by diet, and exfoliation.

Step 1: Wear looser clothing. Lately, it's been popular to wear leggings or athleisure not just for the gym. The friction between clothing and the skin, combined with sweating, which disrupts the outer skin layer is the main cause of folliculitis.

Step 2: Be sure to change your clothes or shower after exercising. As well as, using a fresh towel and washcloth for every shower. This will avoid the spread of bacteria onto the buttocks.

Step 3: Exfoliation! One of the biggest things you can do to prevent folliculitis, keratosis pillars, etc is exfoliating. This will remove the dead skin cells from the surface to prevent build ups from forming. I personally prefer a granular exfoliation at home or a chemical peel. My favorite product to use is the Tree Hut Firming Sugar Scrub in Mocha and Coffee Bean, which allows for blood circulation, reduction in cellulite, and will help to firm the area.

Step 4: Avoid Moistented Flushable Wipes if you have sensitive skin. Some Contain MI/MCI or Methylchloroisothiazolinone/methylisothiazolinone. This a common preservative in some brands and has been reported to be a cause of allergic contact dermatitis.

Step 5: Seek advice from a professional. What you may think is acne, could truly be psoriasis or other issues that need treatment through antibiotics or steroidal creams. Whether that be visiting me for a smooth peaches treatment before heading to the dermatologist or going straight to the source. You will never know what's truly going on without a professional opinion.

If you're dealing with Eczema or Psoriasis I would also recommend the use of the Monat Rejuvenique Oil. It's not just your average oil. It contains a micro-encapsulated blend of 13+ essential oils and fatty acids. The molecular complex of this formula makes it easy to penetrate into the skin and soothe irritation. It will also repair the area from the inside out.

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