REMINDER: You Are Ready!

Did you know that we often wish for things to come to us, yet we never end up taking the action towards it because we’re scared?

I’m here to tell you to stop being scared. What’s meant for you has found it’s way to you, so take that jump. Change can be scary, but our subconscious can inhibit us from doing the things we’re scared of.

If you’re excited by the same thing that scares you, a new job opportunity, a big move, etc. Meditate on it, own it & feel if it is true for you. If it is, Jump in and learn along the way. Celebrate every little win and take responsibility for your actions. If you think towards abundance there should be no reason to fail, but if you do. Shake it off, take it as a learning experience. We all fell off our bikes a couple of times before we got it right.

So, with this new year, let’s be ready. Let’s breathe in a life full of abundance, love, light, and positive energy.

Xoxo -

The Esthi

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