Let’s talk Morning Skincare Routines...

So, I’ve been hearing a lot of different responses to morning routines lately so i thought it would be best to write a blog about It.

First things first, Yes you do need to wash your face in the morning. Especially if you’re using retinols, sleep masks, etc. you collect oils and debris from your pillow as you sleep as well. Cleansing will allow you to maintain proper skin health & help you achieve your goals quicker.

There is a huge misconception with toners.. I’m here to tell you that they should be alcohol free. The purpose of a toner should be to hydrate the skin, balance ph and act as a carrier for your serums moisturizers.

(That’s a Whole other topic I’ll discuss later in detail)

Serums especially in the day should be protective or hydration based. They should not be exfoliating by any means because of photo-sensitivities. I usually recommend a vitamin C or a hyaluronic acid during the day.

I love a light weight moisturizer to layer under my spf. I typically during the day will pick something oil free—like a hylauronic acid base. I also enjoy using a moisturizer with spf in it, mineral based of course.

SPF, so many things to look out for With this. but to avoid irritation use a mineral based spf. mineral based spfs will be titanium oxide & zinc oxide based. if your sunscreen ends in -zone it’s a chemical.. mineral sunscreen, blocks the sun instead of absorbing heat and reflecting it. Makeup contains spf majority of times to preserve the ingredients in the products. It also makes it hard to reapply throughout the day. I love the color science mineral powder spf for touch ups throughout the day.

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xoxo- the esthi


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