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This last month and a half, all I could think about is wanting my own space to do esthetics. Somewhere I could feel at peace and at home, Somewhere my passion for skincare could be reborn. I finally found my new home in Free Flow Studio Moksha House. By chance and by fate, I was led to this cute yoga studio. The energy was radiating from the moment I walked in. I knew in my heart this was exactly where I needed to be. Free Flow Studio, prides itself on being your unique self, it breathes life into creativity and draws passion out of the many instructors that align themselves there. Healing souls through reiki, art expression, and yoga. I invite all of my clients to take a stroll over to one of the amazing classes and connect yourself back to you. This is exactly the type of space we need to be in these days, somewhere close to home. When I say I'm ecstatic, it is literally an understatement. I am floored to finally have my own space to take care of all my amazing clients. So with that being said.

Booking is now open on the site!


The Esthi

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